Welcome to efsli2023 Conference!
Thessaloniki | Greece | 15th to 17th of September 2023

All About the Conference

The European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters (EFSLI) and the Association of Interpreters of Greek Sign Language (AGSLI-SDENG) are delighted to welcome you to the efsli2023 Conference.

  • Rights. Right?

    From the emergence of the profession of Sign Language Interpreter to the present day, Interpreters have sought and experimented with various professional identities. Sign language interpreting became a profession mainly as a result of the needs of d/Deaf people. Worldwide, initially “interpreters” were family members, neighbors or friends who served a d/Deaf person at times when communication was difficult.
    This automatically indicates that the nature of the profession is fluid and dependent on various factors, such as the d/Deaf emancipation movements, the disability legislation, the trends in the education of the d/Deaf, the progress in linguistic and sociological research, and the Interpreters' associations and unions. In such a vivid profession the dividing line between duties and rights is fluid and indiscernible.
    Having moved from the model of the benevolent care-taker, the facilitator/mediator, the ally and the conduit/machine interpreter we seek the rights of the professional Interpreter in the present – in the moment of including each and every interpreter regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or beliefs.

    Looking forward to welcoming each and every one of you!
  • Where?

    The efsli2023 Conference will take place at Grand Hotel Palace - Thessaloniki. Special discount will be offered for your stay since you are a participant of the conference.

    Find out more at the Location Page!
  • Submissions

    Submissions for abstracts and interpreters are already open, so find everything you need to know now!
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    Registration is now open! If you're an early bird, push the button below, complete your registration and we'll meet you in Greece!

Your time to shine at the gala!

☝️Do you feel like Number 1?
✌️Do you like Wild dances?
👌Would you Raise like a Phoenix?

🎉Europe is a big family. In Greece, during family dinners we sing and dance!
🎉Let’s make Gala great again and let’s Eurovision it up!

This year's gala will have a Eurovision flavor. The EFSLI2023 stage is ready to welcome you. Lyrics... Music... Dance... We invite you to prepare some of your favorite songs from the Eurovision Song Contest, in groups or individually, and win us over with your presence.

Introduce yourself or/and your team & your chosen songs, by filling in this form!

Participants will be invited to sing their chosen songs in our Eurovision Karaoke Contest. The jury will then rate the performance of the songs as well as the stage presence.

We are expecting fierce competition!

Who will get our 12 points?


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